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Published Title Event Name
05 May 19 Post and Ward power to wins... Welsh CA (Welsh Championship) (240 riders in 2 events) (chq to M Heritage-Owen) View
05 May 19 Giddings and Verroken charg... Matlock CC View
05 May 19 Davis and Smith crowned Sus... Sussex CA View
05 May 19 Hunt and Shinkins on top in... New Forest CC (STTS) View
06 May 19 Fennell and Lewis smash cou... Wigmore CC (ECCA BAR)(150 riders) View
05 May 19 Mead and Powell victorious ... Coventry CC (Men) View
05 May 19 Chapman and Smith victoriou... Plomesgate C.C. View
05 May 19 World Champ para-cycling pa... Rossington Wheelers View
06 May 19 Perkins and Lewis take dete... Lea valley CC (Entries close 23/04/19) View
05 May 19 Cummings and Moss power to ... Manchester & District TTA (Assoc Championship)(Cheshire Points Series 6 of 20)(Preference M&DTTA Riders) View
04 May 19 Angove and Wilkinson victor... Chippenham & District Wheelers View
05 May 19 West Sussex wins for George... Sussex CA View
29 Apr 19 Smallwood and Post win revi... Welsh CA (Hilly) (Celtic Series Opener) View
28 Apr 19 Williams and Evans on top o... Fibrax Wrexham RC (Hilly) View
07 May 19 Leicestershire Road Club Hi... Leicestershire RC (No Tri-Bars or TT Machines) View
28 Apr 19 Sharp, Lewthwaite and Buss ... Vive Le Velo (Yorkshire Spoco Event) View
28 Apr 19 Lethbridge and Bartley top ... Charlotteville Cycling Club (Entries Close: 12-04-19) View
29 Apr 19 Watson and Smith victorious... Glasgow Nightingale CC (CTT Scottish District Championship)(Men)(entries close 14/4/19) View
29 Apr 19 Victory for Macbride and Go... Houghton CC View
28 Apr 19 Wins for Pritchard and Sent... Wolsey R.C. (Men) View
28 Apr 19 Cooper and Wadsley win at B... Bournemouth & District Women's Cycling Association View
28 Apr 19 Stead and Shackleton fastes... Wigan Whs CC (charity event) (2up TTT)(60 teams)(fee per rider) View
28 Apr 19 Barnett battles against ele... VTTA (Midlands )(pref to Midland VTTA members) View
29 Apr 19 Fennell smashes course reco... VTTA (including Kent Group Champs) View
29 Apr 19 Ainsworth and Carpenter cro... VTTA (Surrey/Sussex)(pref to VTTA Members)(VTTA National Championship) View