How do I enter a team into a Team Time Trial?

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When entering a TTT only ONE person needs to enter the team. First you will need to decide if you are going pay for the whole team or individually, the process is the same regardless. Then enter your details in the usual manner, press proceed and you will be asked for the second rider’s details, add their ID number to the “Add User (Click)” space and then click the red button. The second riders name, club and LTS will then appear. If your team mate has no relevant time (within the last 3 years) add an estimated time and a relevant date (within the last 12 months and doesn’t need to be accurate) and click the “I do not have any previous results that fit this criteria – This is an estimate” box.
If the event is for a 3-up or a 4-up TTT complete the above steps until the team is complete. You can also add a reserve (one reserve for a 2-up and 3-up, two reserves for a 4-up) in exactly the same manner. All reserves must appear on the start sheet. When these steps have been completed, click the green “proceed” button.
If you are paying individually your team mate(s) will receive an email to state that they have been entered for the event and to click the link in the email to complete payment. Also, please check your team mates know you have entered them, so they don’t double enter with another event.