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N1/10 - B1043(old A1) - Sawtry - Stilton

HQ Area: Sawtry *

START          On B1043 opposite the 3rd electricity pole south of a bungalow 900 yards south of Stanch Hill roundabout.

Proceed             Northwards on the B1043 to Stanch Hill roundabout.

Straight on      to St Andrews Bridge roundabout (0.944 miles),

Straight on     Sawtry North roundabout (1.339 miles),

Straight on     to Stilton roundabout (5.195 miles),

TURN           And retrace (5.237 miles), on the B1043 south to Sawtry North roundabout (9.065 miles),

Straight on     to St Andrews Bridge roundabout

Straight on     to Stanch Hill roundabout

FINISH         On B1043, approximately 200 yards South of Stanch Hill roundabout opposite the first field entrance (10 miles).

When travelling north from St Andrews Bridge roundabout, you will approach the Sawtry North roundabout downhill, be careful as you  have to continue further around the roundabout than is usual, so give yourself plenty of road space, and adjust your speed so that you can negotiate the roundabout safely.


Record Holder: Michael Hutchinson

Course Record: 0:19:43 


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